James Tanzosch

James Tanzosch, Chief IT Procurement Officer

Chief IT Procurement Officer

James Tanzosch, who joined the N.C. Department of Information Technology in August 2022, exercises management oversight of the Statewide IT Procurement Office and leads the effort to streamline the state’s IT procurement procedures. 

He is responsible for developing the state's IT procurement strategy, aligning it with the overall state IT and business strategy priorities and translating state IT and business imperatives into IT procurement targets. He also seeks to introduce enhanced e-procurement, contract management and supplier performance tools in collaboration with the N.C. Department of Administration's Division of Purchase and Contract.

Most recently, Tanzosch was purchasing director at North Carolina Central University from April 2020. He has also served as procurement services manager for the University of Northern Iowa and held various roles with John Deere.

Previously, Tanzosch held leadership positions with the Iowa Public Procurement Association and attended the National Institute for Government Procurement Leadership Academy. He has a bachelor's degree from Grinnell College and a master of business administration from Iowa State University.