Common Issues

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About half of the calls to the NCDIT Service Desk have to do with NCID passwords. You, however, can easily reset your password or unlock your accounts on the NCID website by clicking on the appropriate link beneath the login prompt.

If you need to contact the Service Desk, keep in mind:

  • Customer service representatives can unlock any state employee's NCID account but can only reset NCID passwords only for N.C. Department of Information Technology employees.
  • If you are a state employee at another agency and need help resetting your password, you should contact your agency’s NCID administrator.
  • If you are using NCID as a private resident or business owner, call the NCDIT Service Desk at 800-722-3946 for direct assistance.

Problems Accessing the N.C. Immunization Registry

If you cannot access the N.C. Immunization Registry from the NCID login page, navigate directly to the NCIR website and log in. It is possible that the link between the two sites is down temporarily.

If you’re a state employee having trouble accessing your email or calendars in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft 365, log in to your NCID account to see if it is locked or if your password has expired. 

If you need to unlock or change your password, the process is quick and simple. Find out how to change your password.


If you’re a state employee having trouble signing on to the Integrated HR Payroll System (also known as BEACON), log in to your NCID account to see if it is locked or if your password has expired. 

If you need to unlock or change your password, the process is quick and simple. Find out how to change your password.

If you are a state employee who needs service changes to a state-issued cellphone or mobile device, contact the cellular provider for assistance.

Common reasons to contact include:

  • Requesting a new cellphone
  • Needing to disconnect cellphone service
  • Getting a cellphone repaired
  • Adding or changing features
  • Requesting changes to billing 

Learn more about NCDIT’s cellular telephone service.

Contacting the NCDIT Service Desk

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The front line for receiving and resolving customer-submitted incidents and service requests, the NCDIT Service Desk is the single point of contact for receiving, logging, classifying, prioritizing, resolving and escalating incidents and service requests within all NCDIT services. 

The Service Desk also serves as the primary communication channel between NCDIT services and customers and is available 24/7 to provide customers with advice, guidance, and timely responses.

Many common reasons for calling the Service Desk, however, can be addressed online without ever needing to make a phone call. These include:

Common reasons to contact the NCDIT Service Desk include:

  • Issues with NCID that can’t be resolved by going online to unlock or change your password online 
  • Network deployment and support for local area network, wireless local area network and wide area network services
  • Telephony support for NCDIT voice services
  • Provisioning and platform support for mainframe, distributed (AIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows) and database (DB2, Oracle and SQL) hosting
  • Desktop support for hardware, software and peripherals
  • Enterprise application support for Microsoft 365 and collaboration services as well as IT service management

Using the NCDIT Service Portal to submit a request or report an issue is a convenient way to contact the Service Desk – if the matter isn’t urgent.

For critical matters or time-sensitive requests, call 919-754-6000 or 800-722-3946. Calls are answered in the order in which they are received.

When calling, be prepared to provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Your name, phone number and email address
  • Whether you work for state or local government
  • The agency, school or entity where you work
  • Whether the issue affects only one user, many users, an entire agency or multiple agencies
  • A detailed description of the issue or request
  • The business impact, including critical applications affected

Submit a ticket to the Service Desk via the NCDIT Service Portal for the following reasons:

  • Issues with badge access and security
  • Maintenance requests such as plumbing or temperature control issues or for assistance with safely and securely hanging signs, artwork and other items or to set up an office or work space.
  • To report potentially hazardous situations, such as unsecured fixtures, tripping hazards, etc.

If an issue is critical, call 919-754-6000 or 800-722-3946.

If you’re an NCDIT employee who works at a state facility not managed by NCDIT, you should follow the guidelines of the department that manages your facility.

When you call the Service Desk or submit a ticket via the Service Portal, NCDIT’s IT service management system goes to work. You will automatically receive an email confirmation with the ticket or reference number that confirms that your request is being assigned to a work group.

The Service Desk also updates you as your incident or request is being worked on and once it has been resolved. 

The NCDIT Service Desk assigns a priority to every incident or service request using a prioritization model that ensures a consistent approach to fulfilling requests and resolving issues. 

  • The priority assigned to a ticket depends on:
  • Impact on the business (i.e., size, scope and complexity of the incident)
  • Urgency to the business (i.e., the time within which resolution is required)
  • Resource availability
  • Expected effort in resolving or completing a task

The following chart shows the target status update and target resolution times by priority.

Priority Target Customer Status Update Target Resolution
Critical Every 60 minutes or as agreed with the customer(s). 4 hours or less
High Every two hours or as agreed with the customer(s) 8 hours or less
Medium Upon request 24 hours or less
Low Upon request 3 business days