Project Approval & Oversight

The Enterprise Project Management Office provides guidance, oversight and governance support for IT projects, programs and portfolios. Established under the Office of the State Chief Information Officer, the EPMO is responsible for developing and maintaining standards and accountability measures for all IT projects and programs. This includes establishing criteria for project/program management as well as the review and approval of IT project managers.

During Fiscal Year 2014-15, the EPMO, working collaboratively with PMs, PMOs and senior IT leaders across the state’s executive agencies, boards and commissions, developed a new Quality Manual and supporting Quality Management System. The QMS is designed to meet current and future needs of the State CIO and State agencies through defined and measurable processes, quality objectives and management control measures. The state CIO’s PPM System – Touchdown – enables the QMS by facilitating increased collaboration, information transparency and performance management throughout the project management life cycle.

Contact Us

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Glenn Poplawski EPMO Manager 919-754-6802

Michael Blackwood, PMP

Project Management Adviser

Shalini Chandramohan, PMP Project Management Adviser

Alisa Cutler, PMP

Project Management Adviser

Kenneth Kirchner, PMP Project Management Adviser

Valerie Maat, PMP

Project Management Adviser

Gaye Mays, PMP

Project Management Adviser

Jon Nedell, PMP Project Management Adviser
Laurie Seaver Program Control Analyst