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Business Relationship Management

The Business Relationship Management (BRM) Team builds and strengthens collaborative and trusting relationships with Department of Information Technology customers by advocating on their behalf and ensuring that our services meet their business requirements. We are committed to understanding our customers’ business needs and IT strategy, communicating the scope of our services and the business value they provide, and ensuring that we maintain focus on our customers by aligning services with their business needs.

Partnerships with the Project Management Advisors (PMAs) in the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) and IT support staff help us develop a thorough understanding of current and planned agency projects, enhance communications with customers, and improve customer service. We provide measureable service targets and the information that is needed to ensure those targets are met.

Our team actively engages with our customers and other staff to conduct regular service reviews and initiate improvements, monitor and report on services and service level targets within SLAs, identify and define requirements for new shared services, and engage IT professionals with the business to better understand how to support their needs.

We are dedicated to learning the critical business drivers within each agency and to using IT effectively to support of key business functions. The BRM team also plays an integral role in helping our department deliver excellent customer service through the Customer Satisfaction Program.

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