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The vision for the North Carolina Government Data Analytics Center is to transform existing data assets into an information utility for the State’s policy and operational leaders to use in making program investment decisions, managing resources, and improving financial programs, budgets, and results.

A key function of the GDAC is the management of data sharing and integration initiatives, including “identifying opportunities where data sharing and integration can generate greater efficiencies and improved service delivery” by State agencies, institutions and departments.

The GDAC supports the Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Data Services integrated criminal justice system, the NC Financial Accountability and Compliance Technology System's automated fraud and compliance alert tool, and GDAC reporting and analytics.



The GDAC works with agencies to define their analytic needs, determine access to required data sources, and scope the level of effort to support the analytics development. As more organizations request the assistance of the GDAC, prioritization of these needs will be based on level of effort and cost, return on investment, and available resources.

The GDAC is developing a comprehensive master data management tool to document the State’s data sources and definitions, as well as any quality issues associated with the data in terms of accuracy, currency, and completeness. Evaluating a data source at the enterprise level with varying business perspectives can point out these types of data quality concerns. Based on this knowledge, the GDAC can work with the data source agency to identify ways to improve and expand the capture of quality data to support more accurate analysis and decisions.


GDAC Tools

GDAC Compliance & Fraud (NC FACTS)

NC FACTS, North Carolina Financial Accountability and Compliance Technology System, provides agencies with the ability to utilize integrated GDAC data, to generate alerts associated with program-related fraud, compliance and/or improper payment. Based on business requirements and analytic models, the alerts are prioritized to assist business owners in the management of alert investigation and adjudication. For each alert generated, users are provided with a complete set of information on which they can conduct their investigation. This eliminates a need for an investigator to jump from system to system to gather information for decision making. During the investigation of an alert, business owners are provided work space to capture notes and to manage work flow during the investigation.


GDAC Reporting & Analytics

A variety of tools are available to business owners who participate in the GDAC environment. These reporting tools provide the ability to leverage standard, system-generated reports and ad hoc reports. Advanced tools are also available to users to generate Business Intelligence Dashboards and Visual Analytics. The reporting and analytics capability for the GDAC shares the same technical environment as the NC FACTS fraud and compliance alerting solutions. This common technical infrastructure and data repository provides access to all integrated data as allowed by data governance agreements to support agency program analytics, metrics, predictive analysis and executive dashboards.


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