The State Government GIS Users Committee ensures that datasets such as the State-Owned Lands are complete and current. The SGUC provides the perspective of state government employees to the N.C. Geographic Information Coordinating Council. The SGUC chair, who is appointed by the GICC chair, is a voting member of the GICC . The SGUC is guided by an executive committee with representatives of cabinet and Council o Sstate departments.

All state employees are welcome to participate in the SGUC, whether or not they currently use geographic information systems in their workplace. Become a member of our list serv for news, announcements and peer-to-peer problem solving.

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Mission: To provide the collective voice of the leaders in the state government GIS community to influence and inform the utilization of geospatial resources.

Vision: State agencies in North Carolina will fully utilize geospatial information in support of each agency’s mission.

State Government Enterprise License Agreement for GIS Software

SGUC participates in the negotiations led by the N.C. Department of Information Technology in establishing state government enterprise license agreements for GIS software.

North Carolina GIS Limited Services Contract

SGUC participates in creating and monitoring NCDIT's Statewide Term Contract 208Z for GIS Limited Services. The purpose is to provide a list of qualified contractors for state government agencies to supplement in-house staff on a limited basis. 

Committee Information

SGUC Executive Committee Members

Name Status Organization Phone Number
Melanie Williams Chair N.C. Department of Environmental Quality 919-707-3703
Dianne Enright Vice-Chair State Center for Health Statistics 919-715-4473
John Amoroso Member N.C. Division of Natural and Cultural Resources 919-707-9327
Jessica Barkiewicz Member N.C. Department of Public Instruction 919-236-2627
Adam Blythe Member N.C. Department of Insurance 919-807-6000
Lucy Brady Member N.C. Department of Transportation 919-707-2023
John Cox Member N.C. Department of Administration, State Property Office 919-807-4650
Rich Elkins Member Office of the Secretary of State 919-814-5457
Dean Grantham Member N.C. Department of Environmental Quality 919-707-8961
Doug Huffman Member N.C. Department of Revenue 919-733-7711
Tim Johnson Secretary Center for Geographic Information and Analysis 919-754-6588
John Lay Member N.C. Department of Public Safety 919-825-2330
Raleigh Meyers Member N.C. General Assembly 919-715-8340
Sarah Porper Member N.C. Department of Information Technology 919-807-4775
Allan Sandoval Member N.C. Department of Commerce 919-715-1575
Anna Stefanowicz Member N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission 919-717-0152
vacant Member N.C. Board of Elections  
Christian Vose Member N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 919-707-3289


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Bylaws and Work Plans

State government agencies in North Carolina are major users of GIS technology and developers of geospatial data. The SGUC serves as a forum that represents state government GIS users and data producers in the state. The SGUC prepares an annual work plan that directs the work of the committee and documents its accomplishments.