The Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee develops standards and advises on opportunities for the most widely used geographic data, including elevation. This committee works to develop and update data content standards, consolidate statewide mapping requirements, seek support for financing cooperative programs, oversee creation and maintenance of GICC priority geospatial data and advise the GICC on problems and opportunities related to geospatial data programs.

Committee Information


Name Status Organization Representation Phone Number
Paul Badr Chair, member GPI GICC Representative 704-251-8402
Gary Thompson Vice chair, permanent seat N.C. Geodetic Survey State Geodetic Survey Chief 919-948-7844
Rich Elkins Permanent seat Secretary of State, Land Records Management Land Records Manager 919-814-5457
Eric Wilson Permanent seat N.C. Department of Transportation DOT GIS Director 410-302-1325
Tim Johnson Permanent seat N.C. Center for Geographic Information & Analysis CGIA Director 919-754-6588
Richard Greene Permanent seat N.C. Department of Transportation State Photogrammetric Engineer 919-707-7101
Kenneth Taylor Permanent seat N.C. Division of Land Resources State Geologist 919-707-9211
Silvia Terziotti Permanent seat U.S. Geological Survey U.S. Geological Survey Liaison 919-571-4090
Steve Averett Member City of Greensboro N.C. League of Municipalities 336-373-2057
Marcus Bryant Member Durham City/County GIS Local Government Committee 919-560-4122
ext. 33249
  Member Guilford County Association of County Commissioners  
Sean McGuire Member N.C. Dept. of Environmental Quality State Government User Committee 919-707-9104
Christian Vose Member N.C. Department of Agriculture State Government User Committee 919-707-3289
Greg Dobson Member University of North Carolina at Asheville University of North Carolina System 828-251-6973
Drew Pilant Member U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Federal Interagency Committee 919-541-0648
Camille Tyndall Watson  Member N.C. Division of Archives and History Department of Natural and Cultural Resources 919-807-7359
Alice Wilson Member City of New Bern Local Government Committee 252-639-7588


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Bylaws and Work Plans


Current Chair: Paul Badr, GPI, 704-251-8402

Staff Support: David Giordano, CGIA, 919-754-6585