Metadata Committee (SMAC)


The ad-hoc Metadata Committee was established by the Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee in August 2012. The purpose of the committee is to recommend ways to expand and improve geospatial metadata in North Carolina that are both efficient for the data producer and beneficial for data users in discovery and application of geospatial data. Efforts include recommending practices and training GIS data managers to apply the N.C. State and Local Government Metadata Profile and other metadata resources.

Committee Information


Name Organization
Tim Johnson NCCGIA
Chelsea Duncan NCDOT
Jeff Essic NCSU Libraries
David Giordano NCCGIA
Dan Madding NCDPS
Cam McNutt NCDEQ
Tim Mulrooney N.C. Central University
Doug Newcomb USFWS
Sarah Sheldon City of Asheville
Camille Tyndall-Watson NCDNCR
Lynda Wayne FGDC


Name Organization
Steve Averett City of Greensboro
Jordan Erker GeoDiscover (Alberta, Canada)
Alice Wilson City of New Bern


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Staff Support: David Giordano, 919-754-6585 and Tim Johnson, 919-754-6588, CGIA