GICC GIS Technical Advisory Committee (GIS TAC)

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The Technical Advisory Committee researches and recommends practices for compressing imagery for efficient storage, collecting locations with mobile devices, and other technical issues. This committee reviews and recommends specifications related to hardware, software and database standards and practices, as well as approaches or guidelines for developing, installing, and managing GIS technology.

Committee Information


Name Representing Organization Phone Number
Daniel Madding Chair, GICC Appt. Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Emergency Programs 919-807-4344
Tobin Bradley LGC Mecklenburg County 704-464-4736
Dianne Enright SGUC DHHS 919-715-4473
John Farley GICC NC DOT GIS 919-707-2151
Mike Fenton DIT DIT 919-754-6641
David Giordano CGIA CGIA 919-754-6585
Doug Newcomb FIC US Fish & Wildlife Service 919-856-4520


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Best Practices

TAC-releated documents can be found on this GICC page.


Current Chair: Daniel Madding, ISS Director, Emergency Programs, NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, 919-807-4343

Staff Support: David Giordano, CGIA, 919-754-6585