Cisco Telephone Deployment & Day One Guide

Thank you for selecting the N.C. Department of Information Technology as your telephone service provider. We hope that you will be pleased with you Cisco 8800 series telephone.

Tab/Accordion Items

  • An NCDIT communications analyst will coordinate an installation window for your site.
  • During the window, the vendor or NCDIT personnel will install your telephone set.
  • Your computer will be unplugged, the Cisco telephone will be connected to the network cable, and your computer will be plugged into the Cisco telephone.

  • Your existing saved voicemail messages and greeting cannot be imported into the Cisco Unity voicemail system.  You should change your voicemail greeting at least 30 days in advance of your unit cutover to indicate your new telephone number.  
  • Write down contact and speed-dial numbers; they will not be migrated.
  • Review the informational documents available here.

Log into the new voicemail system to set up announcements and change the default password (121212). Use the button on your phone or call your phone remotely. If needed, the general access number for your new voicemail is 919-754-6500.

Please see the Cisco voicemail reference guide for more information.

Instead of seven-digit dialing for internal calls, you must now use 10-digit dialing for both internal and external calls. This change is required to accommodate dial-plan growth.

You no longer need to dial 9 to access an external line. Simply dial the 10-digit telephone number, and it will route correctly.

All customers are provided voicemail unless they specifically request not to be. Please refer to the Cisco voicemail reference guide for instructions.

To check your voicemail remotely:

  1. Dial 919-754-6500.
  2. Press “*” when you hear the Cisco Unity Connections greeting.
  3. You will then be asked to enter your ID and PIN. Your ID is your 10-digit telephone number, preceded by the number “1” (1-xxx-xxx-xxxx). Your PIN is your existing voicemail PIN.

All customers are provided with the Webex Unified Communications Solution (soft phone). This allows remote workers to use their PC as their telephone set (note that a headset is required.) Please see the Webex Quick Start Guide for details.

Customers are cautioned NOT to call 911 from their Webex client when away from their normal work location. Webex will present your normal work location to the 911 operator and might significantly delay their response.

Users also have the option of using Webex on their cellphone or tablet by downloading the most recent version form their preferred app store.

Customers experiencing service interruptions or have questions after the transition should submit an incident using the NCDIT Service Portal or call the NCDIT Service Desk at 919-754-6000.

Common Issues

Issue Solution
I am having telephone issues (e.g., no dial tone, can’t place outbound calls, etc.). Call the NCDIT Service Desk or submit an incident via the NCDIT Service Portal.
I don’t know how to use my phone. Review documentation and training materials.