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Our Service Desk is the front line for receiving customer-submitted incidents as well as service requests. We operate 24/7 to provide customers with advice, guidance, and the rapid restoration of services. Our agents log incidents or requests into our IT service management system and either resolve the issue or escalate it to the next level of support.

Before contacting us about a service-related problem, such as an outage, please check the service status postings on our Customer Communications Hub to see if it has already been reported.

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Phone: 919-754-6000 or toll free at 1-800-722-3946

Contact us by phone for higher priority requests. Service Desk phone numbers do not go to voicemail.



Contact us by email for noncritical issues. All incidents received by email are automatically assigned a lower priority for resolution.

Submitting a Ticket

You can report an incident or submit a service request directly by email or contact us by phone. When you do, this generates a "ticket" in our IT service management system. When the ticket is created, you will automatically receive an email receipt confirmation with the ticket or reference number. This confirmation denotes that the incident or service request has been logged at our Service Desk and that it is being assigned to a work group.

When contacting us, please provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Your name, phone number and email address
  • Whether you work with state or local government
  • The agency, school or entity where you work
  • Whether the issue affects only one user, many users, an entire agency or multiple agencies
  • Detailed description of the issue or request
  • The business impact, including critical applications affected

Ticket Prioritization

Our Service Desk assigns a priority to every incident or service request that is initiated. Our Prioritization Model is used to ensure a consistent approach to defining the sequence in which an item needs to be resolved and to drive the assignment of resources. The following chart shows the target status update and target resolution times by priority.


Target Customer Status Update Time

Target Resolution Time

Every 60 minutes or as agreed upon with the Customer(s)
4 hours or less
Every 2 hours or as agreed upon with the Customer(s)
8 hours or less
Upon request
24 hours or less
Upon request
3 business days

The priority assigned to a ticket depends on:

  • Impact on the business—size, scope and complexity of the incident
  • Urgency to the business—time within which resolution is required
  • Resource availability
  • Expected effort in resolving or completing a task

For more information about prioritization of tickets, updates, resolution and service requests, please see our Global Service Levels.

Customer Expectations

Customer Communication

We will update customers as incidents are being worked and upon incident resolution. We will also provide communications when incidents or outages occur that may impact customers through our Customer Communications Hub. Customers should visit the Communications Hub to self-register for communications regarding services and to view service status.

Customer Escalation

Our Service Desk is the single point of contact for initiating all incidents and service requests, including any requests for ticket escalation. Please contact us at 919-754-6000 or toll free at 1-800-722-3946, or email