About Statewide IT Procurement

The Statewide IT Procurement Office, within the N.C. Department of Information Technology, establishes processes, specifications, and standards for IT products and services that are purchased, licensed or leased by state agencies and educational entities.

The office’s goal is to deliver efficient, responsive and cost-effective IT procurement services while providing government entities with technology that meets their needs.

The Statewide IT Procurement Office develops and manages statewide contracts that can be used by all state agencies and governmental entities. It also approves contracts applicable to individual business needs of the state. 

Each year, it reviews hundreds of solicitations and authorizes government organizations to award technology goods and services that help them serve the people of North Carolina. 

This process helps organizations get the best value for their purchases, allows the state to aggregate demand and supports vendors in competing for business opportunities.

The Statewide IT Procurement Office also provides training to government procurement professionals on IT procurement laws and best practices to help them perform their job duties in keeping with all related rules, policies and procedures.