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Statewide IT Procurement Office

The Statewide IT Procurement Office establishes processes, specifications, and standards for IT products and services that are purchased, licensed, or leased by state agencies and educational entities.

Our goal is to deliver efficient, responsive, and cost-effective IT procurement services while providing government entities with technology that meets their needs. The Office develops and manages statewide contracts that can be used by all State agencies and governmental entities, and approves contracts applicable to individual business needs of the State. Each year, we review hundreds of solicitations and authorize government organizations to award technology goods and services that help them serve the citizens of North Carolina.

This process helps organizations get the best value for their purchases, allows the State to aggregate demand, and supports vendors in competing for business opportunities. The Statewide IT Procurement Office also provides training to government procurement professionals on IT procurement laws and best practices to help them perform their job duties in keeping with all related rules, policies and procedures.


In cases where current or future information technology operations cannot achieve compliance with established information technology laws, policies, standards, or practices, an exception must be documented, submitted, and receive prior approval pursuant to NCGS § 143B-1320(c)-(d).

These guiding authorities include, but are not limited to, North Carolina General Statutes, Session Laws, Executive Orders, North Carolina Administrative Code, the Statewide Information Security Manual, North Carolina Procurement Manual, Statewide IT Term Contracts, and standards set through authority granted to the SCIO.

How To Submit a Request

Option # 1 - Enter a requisition in E-Procurement

  1. User (or your Purchasing Dept.) will need to add "State IT Procurement Office" to the eProcurement Approval Flow.
  2. Must attach the Statewide IT Procurement Checklist for Agencies form and checklist specified documents to the requisition. The draft Bid document must be in a Word document format.

Option # 2 - Email your request to:

  1. In the Email Body include:
  • Name of your Agency, Institution or Entity
  • Estimated Dollar Amount: <$000>
  • Funding Source
  1. Must attach the Statewide IT Procurement Checklist for Agencies form and checklist specified documents to the requisition. The draft Bid document must be in a Word document format.

Contact Us



Phone Number 

Patti Bowers

DSCIO / Chief IT Procurement Officer

(919) 754-6335

Statewide IT Procurement Office


Statewide IT Procurement Manager

(919) 754-6663

Leroy Kodak

Statewide IT Procurement Manager (919) 754-6665

Sherwood Creech

Team Lead - IT Contract Specialist

(919) 754-6668

Releata Jones

Team Lead - IT Contract Specialist

(919) 754-6666

Melinda Williams

Team Lead - IT Contract Specialist (919) 754-6414

Denise Blanchard

IT Contract Specialist

(919) 754-6671

Jennie Elias

IT Contract Specialist

(919) 754-6615


IT Contract Specialist (919) 754-6661

Allison Howard

IT Contract Specialist

(919) 754-6670

Fred Nielsen

IT Contract Specialist (919) 754-6662

Andrea Pacyna

IT Contract Specialist (919) 754-6669

Sandra Rosser

IT Contract Specialist (919) 754-6672

Strategic Sourcing Division

Kristen Burnette

IT Contract and Vendor Manager

(919) 754-6678

Monica Olsen

IT Strategic Sourcing Specialist

(919) 754-6673

Debbie Patterson

IT Strategic Sourcing Specialist

(919) 754-6619

Short Term IT Staffing

Deante Tyler

Short Term IT Staffing Manager

(919) 418-8197

Technical Writers

Eric Townsend

IT Technical Writer

(919) 754-6233
Tae Edwards

IT Technical Writer

(919) 754-6552

Procurement Teams

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Email to Submit Requisitions:

Fax: (919) 715-8549

E-Procurement Help Desk: (888) 211-7440

DIT Service Desk: (919) 754-6000

Mailing Address: 4105 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-4105

Physical Address: Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609