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<p><span>The first graduates of North Carolina&rsquo;s new Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Manager Certification Program graduated today and will be using their new education to help run 911 centers across the state.</span></p>
<p>Governor Roy Cooper today announced an innovative opportunity for high school girls to explore the field of cybersecurity through a competitive online game called Girls Go CyberStart. North Carolina girls in grades 9-12 can sign up to compete with girls from 16 other states and territories for a chance to win prizes&mdash;and potentially discover their future career.</p>
<p>AT&amp;T will partner with FirstNet to build and operate the multimillion-dollar, high-speed wireless network as part of a federal program. The network will be designed to allow first responders to maintain communication during disasters and other large-scale events that could disable or disrupt other communication channels. &nbsp;</p>
<p>Eric Boyette, Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Information Technology and State Chief Information Officer, has been named one of three Executive Committee Directors for NASCIO.</p>
<p>Jon Minshew has been named the new Chief Customer Officer (CCO) for the North Carolina Department of Information Technology (DIT) and, in that role, he will be the executive responsible for the total relationship between DIT and its customers, as well as internal customership across the organization.</p>
<p>Governor Cooper&nbsp;has&nbsp;declared October as Cyber Security Awareness Month&nbsp;in North Carolina&nbsp;to bring awareness to the impact cybersecurity threats and breaches have on the security of citizens and the state.</p>
<p>A new report issued by the Charlotte Digital Inclusion Alliance, a group of government,&nbsp;education&nbsp;and community organizations, examines the lack of internet access and the impact in Charlotte.</p>
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