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<p>My name is Harrison Jordan and this summer, I&rsquo;ve had the opportunity to intern as a fellow at the North Carolina Innovation Center. I have had many people ask me what it is like to be in such an interesting role. Well, hopefully I&rsquo;ll be able to shed some light.</p>
<p>Nine library systems, four municipalities and two state agencies are partnering to improve internet access in rural communities in 14 counties.</p>
<p>Eric Boyette, Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Information Technology (DIT) and State Chief Information Officer, announced today the release of the &ldquo;The Homework Gap in North Carolina,&rdquo; a report that provides communities with strategies to bridge the homework gap that occurs when students are assigned homework that requires internet access but lack an internet connection at home.</p>
<p>The State Library of North Carolina and the Broadband Infrastructure Office of the North Carolina&nbsp;Department of Information Technology (NC DIT) are pleased to announce the official launch of a new partner program with the Robeson County Public Library and the Public Schools of Robeson County.&nbsp;</p>
<p>A new grant will help North Carolina explore how to better use technology to improve health in western North Carolina.</p>
<p>The application period for the 2018 GREAT Grant program will close Feb. 1 at 11:59 p.m.</p>
<p>Service to 911 centers in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast was restored Thursday afternoon, according to telecommunications companies that serve the centers</p>
<p>Law enforcement has a new tool to help them protect the people of North Carolina &ndash; technology that allows them to search anywhere, on any device, for criminal records.</p>
<p>The North Carolina Department of Information Technology is advising people to carefully monitor solicitations and other communications they receive during the coming holiday season.</p>
<p>Internet service providers interested in the new GREAT Grant Program can now apply for funding through an online portal, the state&rsquo;s Broadband Infrastructure Office announced today.</p>
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