Ten Recommendations for Geospatial Data Sharing

The N.C. Geographic Information Coordinating Council adopted 10 recommendations for geospatial data sharing at the November 7, 2007, meeting. The ad hoc committee worked through several drafts, soliciting wide public comment, before presenting the final recommendations.

The 10 recommendations are to:

  • Avoid formal agreements between agencies
  • Ensure web access for data handling and distribution
  • Establish secure access sites when necessary
  • Faciliate the free exchange of data between government agencies
  • Publish a single point of contact for data within each organization
  • Employ regional solutions for data collection and data sharing when appropriate
  • Acquire data only from original sources and official outlets
  • Establish archive and long term data access strategies
  • Display NC OneMap brand on collaborative websites
  • Conduct outreach to local governments and state agencies

The attachments referenced in the recommendations include:

  • Attachment A: Requests by State Agencies for Geospatial Data Produced by Local Governments
  • Attachment B: Guidelines for Providing Appropriate Access to Geospatial Data in Response to Security Concerns
  • Attachment C: NC OneMap Implementation: Initial Data Layers to Serve
  • Attachment D: Data Sharing Committee Business Case Summaries
  • Attachment D1: American Forests and CITYGreen: Calculating the Value of Nature
  • Attachment D2: Parcel Data and Hurricane Isabel: A Case Study