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Selected from over 300,000 eligible candidates, CGIA recently received a Special Achievement in GIS Award by Esri for the development of the next generation of NC OneMap. The SAG awards are presented each year by Esri to organizations from around the world to show appreciation for their use of Esri technology. More details...


"An outline of North Carolina comprised of different words associated with teamwork."


As staff to the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council, many of our activities directly support the Council's overall mission of promoting the use of GIS technology through the establishment of standards, best practices, and policies in a collaborative environment within the GIS community. Here are some ways our coordination efforts help increase the value of GIS technology in the state:

  • Serve as staff to the GICC
  • Bring issues to the GICC, working with committees, and implementing directives
  • Directly manage priorities identified by the GICC including NC OneMap, NC Parcels, AddressNC, and Statewide Orthoimagery
  • Advance initiatives that create, access, and apply geographic data and technology
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and facilitate the development of standards and best practices for the geospatial community
  • Engage the GIS community by organizing the biennial North Carolina GIS Conference

About Us

For over forty years, our mission has been to advance the use of geographic information systems (GIS) technology as a tool for better decision-making in North Carolina. We accomplish this by coordinating statewide geospatial initiatives through the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council (NC GICC) resulting in cost-effective ways to create, access, and apply geographic data and technology. 

We also provide professional services that develop spatial solutions to meet customers’ business needs.  All of our work culminates in providing assurances that current, reliable, and high-quality data are available using tools that are easily accessible to decision-makers.

Contact Us

For more information about how CGIA supports coordination throughout the state or how we can help you succeed on your next project, please contact:
Tim Johnson, CGIA Director, at 919-754-6588 or