NCID for Individuals & Business Users


The state of North Carolina offers two types of NCID accounts:

  • Individual & Business NCID is for North Carolina residents who need access to online services offered by the state as well as people conducting online transactions with the state on behalf of a business.
  • Government NCID is for state and local government employees and contractors as well as employees in the University of North Carolina System, community colleges and public school systems.

Resources on this page are related only to NCID accounts for individuals and businesses. If you are an employee or contractor of a government agency, please see the NCID resources for government accounts.

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NCID User Guide for Individual & Business Users


Frequently Asked Questions

Account Basics

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Residents and businesses can create their own NCID accounts.

  1. To get an NCID account, go to the MyNCID Portal and select Register Now
  2. If you are registering as an individual or resident, click Individual. If you are registering on behalf of a business, click Business.
  3. Complete the registration form and set your password.

Registration usually takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Your NCID account will expire if you do not confirm it within three days of creating it. 

It will also expire if you do not use it within 15 months. You will receive an email 21 days before your account expires, prompting you to log in. If you do not take action, you will receive another email reminder seven days before your account expires.

All locked NCID accounts automatically unlock after 2 hours. To unlock your account sooner, follow these instructions to receive a one-time password.


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NCID passwords cannot be used more than once. Passwords must:

  • Be case sensitive (note which characters you capitalize)
  • Be between 8 and 64 characters
  • Not include your first name, last name or username
  • Not include a common word or commonly used sequence of characters such as “password,” “ABC,” “AAA,” or “123.”
  • Have at least four types of the following characters:
    • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
    • Lowercase letters (a-z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Symbols (!, #, $, etc.)

Service desk administrators can unlock your NCID account, but only you can change your password.

Federal regulations require all users to wait and use their new password for at least three days before changing it online.

After three days, you can reset your NCID password by following these step-by-step instructions.

Passwords for individual and business NCID accounts do not expire.

Residents and business users will always set their passwords themselves and will never have a temporary password.


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Check by logging in to the MyNCID Portal. If you can log in and see your profile page on the North Carolina Identity Management system (as shown in the screenshot below), your NCID account is functioning properly.

Screenshot of MyNCID Profile Page

If you still cannot access your application with your account, contact the NCDIT Service Desk at 919-754-6000 or 800-722-3946. Tell them you are having problems accessing the application but can log in to the MyNCID Portal.  

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