Document ID Authority (A Level)
0100-0100-005-QMS-REV-1-0 EPMO Quality Manual
0300-0300-005 Project Management Roles, Responsibilities & Authorities


Process & Quality Overview

Document ID Procedure & Operation (B Level)
0300-0300-005 Project Management Process
0800-0800-005 Quality Assurance Process
0810-0810-005 Quality Control Process


Project Decision Points

Document ID Work Instruction (C level) Form (D Level)
0810-0810-005 - Quality Control Decision Points


Project Work Instructions

Document ID Work Instructions (C level) Form (D Level)
0300-0310-005 Project Initiation -
0300-0310-010 Project Charter Project Charter Form
0300-0310-015 Project Financial Assessment Project Financial Assessment Form
0300-0310-030 Cost Estimation -
0300-0310-035 Benefits Estimation -
0300-0310-020 Project Assessment Type Project Assessment Type Form
0300-0310-025 Project Manager Assessment Project Manager Assessment Form
0300-0320-005 Project Planning and Design -
0300-0320-010 Project RFP Review Project RFP Review Form
0300-0320-015 Project Contract Award Project Contract Award Form
0300-0330-005 Project Execution and Build -
0300-0330-010 Project Go-Live Readiness Assessment Project Go-Live Readiness Assessment Form
0300-0340-005 Project Implementation -
0300-0350-005 Project Closeout Project Closeout Report


Project Change Request, Project Reporting, Project Reviews & Communication

Document ID Work Instruction (C level) Form (D Level)
0300-0360-005 Project Change Request Project Change Request Form
0300-0370-005 Project Weekly Status Report Project Weekly Status Report Form
0300-0375-005 Program Project Review Program Project Review Form
0300-0380-005 Project Architecture Review Project Architecture Review Form
0300-0381-005 Project Security Review Project Security Review Form
0300-0382-005 Project Peer Review Project Peer Review Form
0300-0390-005 Lessons Learned Lessons Learned Form
0300-0395-005 Customer Feedback Customer Feedback Form


Project Job Aids

EPMO IT Enterprise Project Workflow
EPMO IT Lite Project Workflow
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