Business Architecture

North Carolina’s business architecture gives a big picture of the state government from a business perspective. It answers questions about who the state government is, what it does, where it wants to go and how it serves residents and organizations.

Business architecture documents what capabilities and functions the state government has separate from the agencies that perform them. It outlines the state government’s business strategy, governance and organization.

Knowing this business architecture allows the state to:

  • Understand the connections between the governor’s and agencies’ priorities and technology
  • Ensure that applications purchased and developed support relevant capabilities
  • Maximize reusability, and help agencies with similar capabilities work together

The statewide business architecture has four domains:

  • Direction setting: These internal strategic capabilities decide how the state government operates and what services it provides.
  • Support services: Both internal and outward-facing capabilities facilitate the delivery of services to residents.
  • Service to citizens: These outward-facing capabilities allow the state to directly serve North Carolina residents.
  • Management of government resources: These internal capabilities enable the state government to operate.
Tab/Accordion Items

Infographic Showing Internal Strategic Capabilities That Decide How State Government Operates and Services It Provides

Infographic of State's Internal and Outward-Facing Capabilities to Deliver Services to Residents

Infographic of Outward-Facing Capabilities Sllow State to Directly Serve North Carolina Residents

Inforgraphic of Internal Capabilities That Enable State Government to Operate