How to Get CJLEADS

CJLEADS Onboarding Information

Agencies should refer to the documents below in order to gain access to the CJLEADS application. The multi-step onboarding process is necessary to ensure that the CJLEADS team and the agency has all the appropriate information needed prior to the end users accessing the application.

Next Steps and Additional Information

Step Details
Agency Onboarding Process Outline of the agency onboarding process for CJLEADS.
Agency Contact Responsiblities View this short Powerpoint presentation to understand the responsibilities of CJLEADS Agency Contacts.
Policy for Access to the CJLEADS Information System Please review prior to completing the License and Usage Agreement.
License and Usage Agreement for the CJLEADS Information System Please review, complete the necessary information, have the appropriate person sign it, and return it to the CJLEADS team.
Request Access to CJLEADS  Form Please complete and submit this form to add additional individuals in your agency as User Administrator or Training Coordinator. This form can be used if there is not enough room on the License and Usage Agreement or as an Addendum.

For more information or questions regarding the CJLEADS onboarding process and NCID, contact the CJLEADS team at or 919-754-6950.