CJLEADS Training

CJLEADS Class Schedules and Survey Link

This section provides the CJLEADS class View Only schedule for the appropriate timeframe. Users register for classes through Learning Management Systems.  

 Class Schedule *Classes are subject to change due to holidays and trainer availability.

The survey link listed is filled out at the end of the Instructor-Led CJLEADS class by the participants and is used for feedback.


Criteria for CJLEADS Instructor-Led Class

Users must complete the NCDIT CJLEADS: Part 1, the approximate time of completion is one hour.  This is a Prerequisite to attend DIT CJLEADS: Part 2 Instructor-Led Class.

The purpose of this prerequisite class is to ensure that end users:

  •  Have an established NCID account.
  • CJLEADS Administrator has granted CJLEADS access.

Once the above steps have been completed, an account can be created in the NC Learning Management System

A step-by-step guide on how to create an account and register for a class can be found at the button below.

LMS Tutorial

Automated Reference Materials

This section provides training materials/aids developed by the CJLEADS Training Team on specific areas covered in Instructor-Led training. Click on the links and learn more about the sections below: