CJLEADS Troubleshooting

Follow these tips if you are having difficulty logging into CJLEADS.

Please remember that if you need assistance maintaining your user account or access, you will need to work directly with your agency's User Administrator.

Your User Administrator can help you with the following:

NCID Administration

  • Reset passwords
  • Unlock user accounts
  • Reactivate disabled user accounts
  • Create user accounts
  • Review  and update user accounts
  • Deactivate user accounts
  • Archive user accounts
  • Promote/Demote NCID Administrative Rights

CJLEADS Administration

  • Allow Access to CJLEADS
  • Revoke Access to CJLEADS

Multifactor Authentication Administration

  • Reset or update CJLEADS Authentication

Common Error Messages and Steps to Resolve

Forgot Your Email (Username)/Password Unknown

  • Use your agency email address and password as your log in credentials for CJLEADS. If you are receiving errors using the email address or password, you need to contact the IT person with your town/county/agency that is responsible for maintaining email accounts. Also, ensure you are using the correct agency issued email address.
  • Federal agencies do not use the agency issued email address. Your log in email will be entered in this format, “ncid”@nc.gov and the password is the NCID password.
  • The CJLEADS team is unable to modify your NCID, CJLEADS and MFA accounts, please contact your Agency Administrator. You can locate the Administrator listing by clicking Account Management on the CJLEADS Website.

System logs me out immediately after signing in

  • This occurs when you do not have access to CJLEADS. You must contact your administrator to go in and grant access via the CJLEADS administration utility tool.
  • This also occurs if the system has a hiccup in the sync process. The User Admin can also fix this for the user. The admin can follow the steps here: Resyncing a User Account

SAS Blue screen appears after logging in

The SAS blue screen appears to indicate the account is syncing because a change was made in NCID. This screen could appear for a few hours during the sync process, but eventually it will go away. It is important to remember that there is nothing to be done here. No information entered will allow you to pass it. You must wait for the sync to complete fully. You will know it has finished the sync when you no longer receive the blue screen.

Account is Locked warning message after log in

This occurs when your account is locked in NCID. You can click the link in the message or visit NCID to unlock your account. Once the account is unlocked, it is also recommended that you update your NCID password. Here is a guide to walk your through the steps to unlock the NCID: Unlocking your NCID account

Received a Not in Tenant Message when logging in

Try these steps first:

  1. Open a New Incognito window (Chrome browser) or New InPrivate window (Edge Browser)
    • To do this click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the browser window. Choose New Incognito window or New InPrivate window based on what browser you are using. 
    • In the new window that opens, navigate to our website cjleads.nc.gov. Locate and click the Log in to CJLEADS button.
  2. Type in your email address and the associated password, not the NCID password.
  3. You should be prompted to set up your MFA. After setting it up, you will be logged into the system.

If after those steps you are still getting the error, please send an email, including the screenshot of the error message, to cjleadshelp@nc.gov.

Authentication Issues

I am no longer receiving my authentication to my phone

  • If this happens, your authentication needs to be reset. The agency CJLEADS User Administrator can reset this for you. The administrator will use the Multi-factor Authentication Console to complete this task.

I work in a correctional facility and do not have a direct line to authenticate.

  • Tokens are available to CJLEADS users who do not have a direct line for authentication. Please send an email to gdacadmin@nc.gov requesting a token for CJLEADS authentication.

Signing up for CJLEADS Training/Learning Management System (LMS) Issues

I am searching for a CJLEADS class and cannot find any sessions

  • If you do not see CJLEADS Part 1 Training or CJLEADS Part 2 Training in the Learning Management System (LMS) and need to be placed in a class, please send an email to cjleadstraining@nc.gov. The training staff will register you for the appropriate class.

I have completed CJLEADS Part 1 Training and cannot register for CJLEADS Part 2.

  • If you have completed the CJLEADS Part 1 Training and receive an error while signing up for Part 2, please send an email to cjleadstraining@nc.gov, include the date you would like to attend. The training staff will manually register you for the class.

Need Training Status Updated

You will know if your account is in training mode because the data in CJLEADS is set to demo, no matter what is searched the same result will populate.

If your account is in pending training status and you have previously completed CJLEADS training, send an email to cjleadshelp@nc.gov with the following information:

  • Current NCID
  • First and last name at time of training
  • Name of agency where training was completed
  • Approximate date/year of training