CJLEADS Training Registration

CJLEADS has a new class, DIT CJLEADS Training Introduction, that is a Prerequisite to DIT CJLEADS End User Training. After registering, this new class can be completed at any time online at the NC Learning Management System (NC LMS) site. Approximate time of completion is one hour.

The purpose of this prerequisite class is to ensure that end users:

  • have been granted the proper access required for CJLEADS

    • NCID established
    • CJLEADS access granted
    • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) completed
  • receive an introduction to the CJLEADS application.

Once the user has been granted permission to take CJLEADS; they will create an account at the NC LMS site. A step-by-step guide on how to create an account and register for a class is in the link below. This sheet also includes the instructions on how to print out a certificate upon successful completion of CJLEADS Class.

The DIT CJLEADS (End User) Training class is approximately (3) hours for Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Support and two (2) hours for Adult Corrections (Prisons) and Judicial users. This class will continue to be conducted by a certified CJLEADS Instructor. Users may view the dates and times classes are available in NC LMS and register for training.

Training Dates for CJLEADS will normally be on the following:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week classes will be held 9am to 12:30pm.
  • Adult Correction classes will be the first Friday of each month at 9am to 11.30am.
  • Judicial classes will be held on the last Friday of each month at 9am to 11.30am.

*The above are subject to change due to holidays and trainer availability. Please login to LMS to review class schedules.

Training Registration Help

Training Registration Guide

Training Coordinator Resource Center

The purpose of the resource center is to allow the Training Coordinator the ability to easily access all training and documentation to better assist the users. In the center you can post questions and interact with other agency trainers. You should be able to find a snapshot of scheduled CJLEADS classes and meet the CJLEADS trainers.  

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