CJLEADS Training Registration

CJLEADS is introducing a new class (DIT CJLEADS Training Introduction) that will be a Prerequisite to CJLEADS End User Training (DIT CJLEADS (End User) Training).  This prerequisite will be a requirement as of the go-live date of August 1, 2020.

The purpose of this prerequisite class is to ensure that end users:

  1. have been granted the proper access required for CJLEADS –
    • CJLEADS Access – NCID established
    • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) established
  2. receive an introduction to the CJLEADS application.

Once your user has been granted permission to take CJLEADS; they will create an account in the North Carolina Learning Management System (NC LMS) which is accessible at ncgov.csod.com.   A step-by-step cheat sheet for you to hand out to your user on how to create their account and register for a class is in the link below. This sheet also includes the instructions on how to print out their certificate upon successful completion of CJLEADS Class.  A video is also attached to assist users.
As stated above, this new class is named “DIT CJLEADS Training Introduction.” This class can be completed at any time online at the NC LMS website.  Approximate time of completion is one hour.

This prerequisite class must be completed in order to be admitted into the DIT CLJLEADS (End User) Training. Once the user completes CJLEADS Training, the prerequisite class and CJLEADS training videos will always be available to the user if there is a need to review CJLEADS material at the DIT CJLEADS website.

The DIT CJLEADS (End User) Training class is approximately (3) hours for Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Support and two (2) hours for Adult Corrections (both CC and Prisons) and all Judicial users. This class will continue to be conducted by a certified CJLEADS Instructor. Users may view the dates and times classes are available in NC LMS and register for training.

This new training directive is meant to ensure users have proper access to CJLEADS; an overview of the purpose of CJLEADS before entering the instructor-led class; and the end user is ready to jump right into the hands-on functions of the CJLEADS application.

Training Registration Video

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