CJLEADS Technical Specifications

Operating Systems 


  •  MS Windows 8.1 and MS Windows 10 
  •  Mac OS X 10 (All versions supported by vendor) 
  •  Google Android (All versions supported by vendor) 
  •  Apple IOS (All versions supported by vendor) 

Note: Most CJLEADS users have a current operating system; If an agency has issued devices with outdated operating systems, it is the agency’s responsibility to procure supported OS. 

Not Supported (Examples): 

  • MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8 
  • MS Windows XP  
  • MS Windows Vista  



  • MS Internet Explorer IE 11 and MS Edge 
  • Firefox versions supported by Mozilla 
  • Google Chrome versions supported by Google 
  • Apple Safari versions supported by Apple

Browser Downloads  

Desktop/Laptop Microsoft



Tablets and Smart Phones 

  • Android: Should be part of the current system. See the Play Store for further information. 
  • Apple: Should be part of the current IOS.  See the Apple Store for more information. 

If additional information is required, please contact CJLEADS Customer Support via cjleadshelp@nc.gov