CJLEADS New Authentication Process

What is Microsoft Azure?

  • Microsoft Azure is an up to date authentication application that will be coupled with CJLEADS to provide protection to the States data within CJLEADS.

What changes will I see as a CJLEADS User?

  • The biggest change to the user experience is the user will now log in with their agency approved email address and not the NCID.
  • The email MUST be an agency email address domain. The system will not accept public domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.
  • It is important you change your email in NCID prior to March 24th, 2023.

How to update your email in NCID


What if my agency does not have a private or agency email address?

  • If your agency does not have a private or agency email domain, please have the CJLEADS admin for the agency submit a ticket to cjleadshelp@nc.gov. We have the ability to work with the agency to get the accounts into compliance.

What if I want to receive CJLEADS notifications to a different email address?

  • If you had to use a work around in NCID for your email address, you can follow the steps on the below document and update your email in CJLEADS to any email you wish. This will allow you to continue to get notifications and alerts from CJLEADS.

Updating email Preferences in CJLEADS


What should I expect the first time I log in after the update?

  • Please view the following information for a preview of what to expect the first time you log in after the upgrade.

New CJLEADS Login Experience

If you have any questions, please contact the CJLEADS support desk at 919-754-6949 or submit a ticket via email to cjleadshelp@nc.gov.