CJLEADS Login Troubleshooting

Follow these tips if you are having difficulty logging into CJLEADS.

Please remember that if you need assistance maintaining your user account or access, you will need to work directly with your agency's User Administrator.

Your User Administrator can help you with the following:

NCID Administration

  • Reset passwords
  • Unlock user accounts
  • Reactivate disabled user accounts
  • Create user accounts
  • Review  and update user accounts
  • Deactivate user accounts
  • Archive user accounts
  • Promote/Demote NCID Administrative Rights

CJLEADS Administration

  • Allow Access to CJLEADS
  • Revoke Access to CJLEADS

Common Error Messages and Steps to Resolve

Forgot Your Username/Password or Account is Locked:

  1. Use the NCID Self-service to find your username, reset your password or unlock your account. Access NCID Password Help for assistance.
  2. The CJLEADS team is unable to modify your NCID/CJLEADS account, please contact your Agency Administrator. You can locate the Administrator listing by clicking Account Management on the CJLEADS Website.

Login Failed Error:

  1. Navigate to https://ncid.nc.gov.
  2. Log in to NCID with your CJLEADS credentials.
    • Successful: Your username and password are correct. Your CJLEADS access needs to be reviewed by your Agency Administrator.
    • Unsuccessful: There is an issue with your account or password. The CJLEADS team is unable to modify your NCID/CJLEADS account, contact your Agency Administrator.
  3. Locate the Administrator listing by clicking Account Management on the CJLEADS Website.

Note: If your agency NCID Administrator is unavailable (i.e., it is after normal business hours or it is the weekend), you can contact the DIT Service Desk at 1-800-722-3946 for account unlocks only.

Minimum Lifetime Requirements Error:

This error appears because your password has recently been changed. You can only change your password once in a 3-day period. The CJLEADS team is unable to modify your NCID account, please contact your Agency Administrator. You can locate the Administrator listing on the CJLEADS Website and scroll down to NCID Help

If your NCID Administrator is unavailable, you can contact the DIT Service Desk at 1-800-722-3946. The DIT Service Desk has the ability to bypass the password age rule to allow you to reset your password. Criteria for this process is as follows:

  • You must have attempted to reset your password more than once in a 3-day period and “Lifetime Minimum Requirements Have Not Been Met” error message has been received.
  • Your user administrator is not available to manually reset your password. 
  • You must know the security question answers to use the password self-service.  
  • You must quickly complete the self-reset process. The bypass rule is limited to only three (3) hours before the rule is applied.