LGC Quarterly Meeting - 11/18/2020

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The Local Government Committee meets quarterly to consider issues, strategies and practices affecting local government GIS. The committee may make recommendations to the Geographic Information Coordinating Council on behalf of local government GIS users.

The below listing are key highlights from the topics discussed at the last Local Government Committee meeting on November 18, 2020. For additional details on any of key highlights mentioned, please read the minutes found at this link

  • Orthoimagery Program 

    • 2020 Coastal Project is wrapping up with deliverables being mailed to the 911 public safety answering points in December 2020. This includes the color infrared band products.  

    • 2021 Eastern Piedmont Project is kicking off with acquisition planned for February 2021. Five vendors were selected to perform the 2021 work. 

      • Local governments interested in the buy-up program can reach out directly to the vendor selected for your local area or contact Ben Shelton at CGIA who can put you in touch with them. 

    • Uses for the color infrared product were shared and full details can be found within the presentation slides and meeting minutes.  

  • GICC Meeting Topics Shared 

    • An overview of the Environmental Justice Tool DEQ has developed and presented at the last GICC meeting was shared.  

    • An overview of the Accessibility to Infrastructure Data presentation that was given at the last GICC meeting was shared.  

      • The Technical Advisory Committee's Infrastructure Working Group is looking for users and providers of infrastructure data to provide feedback on the uses and sharing of infrastructure data. The Use Cases will be used to compare what people need for infrastructure data to what data are providers actually able to provide them. There will be some similarities discovered and disconnects as well. 

  • Next Generation 9-1-1 

    • Please reference the GIS Data Hub Status Dashboard to view the GIS i3-Readiness across the state. 

    • Due to the pandemic schedules have been needing to be shifted. GIS Due Dates can also be found on the above linked dashboard. 

    • Once PSAPs are live as i3 on the ESInet, they should continually provide updates into the GIS Data Hub. Please reference this i3 GIS Maintenance document for more information.  

  • LGC Announcements 

    • The LGC members have begun meeting as an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee Meetings will take place one month ahead of the general quarterly LGC Meetings. 

    • The LGC Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 was approved by the Executive Committee in October.  

    • The LGC Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2019-2021 were delivered to the GICC Program Coordinator in November. 

  • LGC Outreach 

    • Three LGC Members participated in a panel session on September 3rd at the NCAUG Fall Conference showcasing the GICC, LGC, and related working groups as well as local government use and the importance of the ArcGIS software.  

    • Four LGC Members and another local government GIS representative (Joe Ausby with the City of Wilson) participated in a LGC Panel Session at the NCLGISA Fall Symposium on October 22nd. The panel discussion showcased the GICC, LGC, and related working groups as well as the important intersection between GIS and IT.  

    • Abstract submission for the NCGIS Conference is open through November 25th. The NCGIS Conference is scheduled for February 16th – 19th. This will be a virtual conference.  

    • The LGC Teams Site was shared. This Teams Site is intended to be open to all especially those who work with local government GIS entities across the State of North Carolina. Please contact Colleen Kiley or Anna Verrill to request access. 

    • The LGC Story Map was also shared. Please help keep this map up-to-date by sharing your local government GIS stories. It is easy to add your own local GIS story using the participate button in the top-right of the web application. 

  • Updates from Committees and Working Groups 

    • The Working Group for Enhanced Emergency Response (WGEER) last met on October 5th. They are planning on doing a mock emergency event test of the WGEER Hub Site in December.  

    • The Working Group for Seamless Parcels has begun to meet again regarding the field compliance topic that has been mentioned in previous LGC meetings. They are considering whether or not to propose into the standard that certain fields be “required”, “recommended”, or “optional”. One of the first steps to help determine this, will be to survey the local parcel stewards in early 2021. 

    • The Orthoimagery and Elevation Working Group last met on October 13th. Key discussion topics and delivery timeframes are found below: 

      • 2020 NC Coastal Orthoimagery will be delivered to PSAPs in December 2020. 

      • 2021 NC Eastern Piedmont Orthoimagery will be beginning flights in February 2020 with an expected deliverable timeframe of mid-November 2021. 

      • The NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program, will have a new 10-meter land cover data product available in Spring of 2021 for New Hanover and Brunswick counties. There will be a 1-meter data product available for purchase. 

      • NOAA is collecting topobathy along the coast through March 2021. 

      • USGS lidar acquisition and elevation data is completing collection and they are working towards a delivery of May 2021. 

      • The Department of Public Safety should be completing the QC process on the NC contours by the end of 2020. 

      • There is a new list of approved Unmanned Aerial Systems approved by the US Department of Defense.  

      • There is often GPS testing in the state which could affect GPS collection. There is a website which allows anyone to sign up for alerts if this testing is ongoing in your area. 

  • The Hydrography Working Group last met on October 12th.  

    • Stream modeling is being performed by DEQ. 

    • The Chair of the Hydrography Working Group should be presenting more details of the working group's happenings and the need for local government input in the February LGC General Meeting. 

  • Census 2020 Update 

    • Census Bureau stopped taking responses from the public in October. The total self-response rate for NC was 63.4%. The Census Bureau was able to gather another 36.5 percent using Nonresponse Follow-up (NRFU) and the total enumeration for NC is at 99.9%.  

    • By April 1st, the Census Bureau are supposed to provide the redistricting to the local government areas, counties, and cities. This may be something they ask local governments to become involved with to determine whether your local area needs to redistrict.  

    • The Census Bureau will be accepting challenges or questions on the counts between October 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023. 

      • They are highly encouraging the local government to track the data regarding number of structures, number of demolitions, new construction. Having documentation that you can provide to help you challenge those counts easier.  

    • The Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee last met on October 14th. Key updates are found below: 

      • NC OneMap is migrating to the cloud. 

      • The Metadata Implementation Working Group has begun meeting again to review the documentation that is available and updating this for ArcGIS Pro.  

      • A working group for assessing the impacts of migrating to the international foot was approved to be formed. 

      • DOT is updating the road centerlines on a quarterly basis. These can be accessed through NC OneMap or the DOT ArcGIS Online portal.  

    • The Technical Advisory Committee Infrastructure Working Group meets on a biweekly basis. The working group has put out a request for use cases for infrastructure data. There are two different forms available depending on if you are a data user versus a data provider. The Use Cases will be used to compare what people need for infrastructure data to what data are providers actually able to provide them. There will be some similarities discovered and disconnects as well. 

  • Any Other Business 

    • The LGC Members were asked to review the LGC Bylaws prior to the next Executive Committee meeting in January.  

  • Professional Development Opportunities 

    • The NCGIS Conference will be a virtual conference from February 16-19, 2021. 

    • There is also the Coastal GeoTools Conference being held virtually from February 8-11, 2021.  

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