NCID Self-Service Password Reset

Login to NCID

Did you know? 50 percent of all Service Desk calls are to unlock NCID accounts.

To improve efficiency and reduce Service Desk calls for customer accounts, the NCID application has added a new service called Self-Service Password Reset. SSPR allows users to reset passwords and unlock their own accounts. This update reduces the dependence on administrators and Service Desk staff for user password resets and unlocks. It also allows service technicians to spend more time on more complex issues affecting DIT customers.

To unlock your user account:

  1. Go to at any time. You do not have to wait 30 minutes after your account becomes locked.
  2. Select the “Unlock Account?” link beneath the NCID login, as shown in the image below.
  3. Enter your username, and continue to follow the prompts.

NCID Login screen

Users can also access NCID using their smartphones. NCID is now configured for responsive display when accessed by mobile devices.

Additional information about NCID is available on the FAQs page.

See NCID Frequently Asked Questions