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Effective Sept. 18, all Executive Branch state agencies using the NC eProcurement system must submit IT contract amendments, renewals or termination letters via the NC eProcurement Contracts Tool.

Answers covering four NC eProcurement Sourcing Tool and Contract Tool questions.

There are three types of IT procurement exceptions that state agencies can submit:

Procurement exception (Form A) - required when a state agency:

The new NC eProcurement Contracts Tool is part of NCDIT’s initiative to improve customer service through a more efficient IT procurement process.

The Statewide IT Procurement Office now has a new dashboard that reports monthly metrics to provide the highest level of customer service by more effectively tracking, managing and controlling operations.

Ariba Sourcing Tool offers users a step-by-step process to customize their email notification preferences.

With the new IT procurement process, state agencies use the Ariba Sourcing Tool to submit standards and security exception requests to the N.C. Department of Information Technology for approval. Standards and security exception requests can be associated and not associated with an active IT procurement.

Full license access is reserved for agency procurement users. Limited access licenses are for users who need to perform applicable review and approval activities, such as agency IT security staff and CIOs.

The N.C. Department of Information Technology made numerous improvements to the IT procurement process over the past year. The goals for these improvements will allow NCDIT's IT procurement process to continue to evolve.

In early 2022, the Statewide IT Procurement Office started engaging with state agency customers to thoroughly evaluate the overall IT procurement process. With the assistance of a management consulting firm, it identified areas for improvement based on several key findings.