Next Generation 911 Project Progress

See the status of 911 systems connecting to Next Generation 911.

Next Steps

  • Migrate public safety answering points to the Emergency Services IP Network and hosted call processing system, with a target completion date of June 2023
  • Increased PSAP use of the Network Management Assistance Center to ensure consistent communications and network support statewide
  • Complete the creation of a geospatial service for use by entities providing GIS data to support call routing
  • Deliver outreach and public education programs to keep the public, stakeholders and industry partners informed about the NC 911 Board’s Next Generation 911 efforts

Next Generation 911 Network

The state of North Carolina has entered two contracts to create a fully functional NG911 ecosystem compliant with National Emergency Numbers Association i3 standards and best practices.

  • AT&T for implementation of the statewide Emergency Services IP Network and a hosted call-handling system
  • GeoComm, for managed geographic information system services

AT&T is providing resources to migrate all the scheduled PSAPs to Next Generation 911 by June 2023.

On Nov. 13, 2018, Durham 911 became the first 911 call center in the United States to go into production with AT&T ESInet and hosted call-handling services.

Geospatial Service

The N.C. 911 Board is developing a statewide geodatabase within the Next Generation 911 system to accurate identify 911 callers' location and route them to the appropriate PSAP.

Under contract with the board, GeoComm is aggregating and validating the required geographic information system data from all 127 PSAPs in North Carolina for the geodatabase. The GIS data will be used in two functions:

  • emergency call routing function, which determines to which 911 call center a call should be routed
  • location validation function, which identifies the correct location of a civic address (house number and street name)

Learn more about what's needed to connect to the Next Generation 911 GIS service.

Network Monitoring & Assistance Center

The Network Monitoring and Assistance Center opened in September 2019 as the first of its kind in the nation. A need for it was identified it early in the project to enable seamless 911 coverage so that emergency responders can help North Carolina residents as quickly as possible.

NMAC supports an uninterrupted flow of communication between Next Generation 911 PSAPs and AT&T. The center is staffed 24/7 and equipped to monitor service and performance on North Carolina’s digital emergency services network, ESInet.

NMAC technicians immediately troubleshoot network issues and help behind the scenes. For example, technicians monitoring ESInet can identify increasing emergency calls and quickly reroute emergency calls to other 911 centers – particularly during severe weather and major events that draw many people to an area.