About Next Generation 911

What Next Generation 911 Is

The state of North Carolina is implementing Next Generation 911. NG911 will ensure that residents can reach 911 services regardless of their location or the communication technology they use.

NG911 replaces the legacy 911 system with an internet protocol-based system. The IP system routes digital information (e.g., landline, cellphone calls, text messages) to the appropriate 911 call center, or public safety answering point. Improvements in call location technology and geographic information systems data now enables precise call routing based on a caller's actual location.

NG911 also establishes interoperability, security, economies of scale and innovation among the 127 PSAPs throughout North Carolina. This will vastly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response.

The NG911 also includes a statewide geodatabase to accurate identify 911 callers' location and route them to the appropriate PSAP. Find out more about the NG911 Geographic Information Services.


  • Call routing based on the caller's true location, not the wireless tower that received the 911 call
  • Enhanced text-to-911 reliability
  • Video-to-911 capability with high reliability
  • Provisioning of 911 call load sharing among PSAPs during emergencies and other high traffic situations
  • Greatly enhanced disaster preparedness capability enabled by common systems and operational procedures across the entire state
  • Accurate, reliable and timely location information for 911 telecommunicators and field responders, especially for wireless and other nomadic 911 callers

Project Progress

Learn about the progress being made to implement the NG911 network and to integrate it with geographic information system services.

See the status of counties connecting to NG911.