Understanding Your Invoice

The N.C. Department of Information Technology is committed to transparency and fairness in all facets of its work, including setting fees and rates for services to state and local government agencies.

Your monthly invoice is the combination of the subscription charge and the service rate for services used. It might also include any unbudgeted transactions NCDIT processes on your behalf.


Subscription is the base charge to customers who use NCDIT as a service provider. To enable flexibility in how NCDIT can use resources across the agency to better meet service demands, all customers pay a subscription charge to recover the cost to maintain and operate services.

The only services factored into a customer’s subscription charge are the ones that they use within that timeframe.

Learn more how NCDIT calculates the subscription charge.

Service Rate

The service rate is the cost associated with using services that NCDIT provides and is based on the customer’s actual use of the service in the prior month. Service rates apply to:

  • Recurring services (e.g., mainframe hosting, Microsoft 365, storage)
  • One-time services (e.g., cabling installation)
  • Pass-through services (e.g., cellphone)

Service rates change independent of the subscription.

Learn more about how NCDIT calculates service rates.

View Current Service Rates

Direct Bill

Direct bill charges are charges customers pay directly to vendors via NCDIT and are not subject to a service rate. Examples of direct bill charges include hardware purchases, hardware/software maintenance renewals.