About Enterprise Strategy

The Enterprise Strategy division creates and maintains a strategically aligned statewide IT portfolio that fulfills the state’s business needs and effectively leverages state resources to serve agencies and citizens. The division has four primary responsibilities.


A sound IT strategy helps achieve the state’s goals. The Enterprise Strategy division works with agencies to do IT strategy planning and to document the state’s business architecture:

  • Develop the North Carolina IT Roadmap and NCDIT's strategic plan
  • Serve as a resource for agencies developing their strategic plans in alignment with state and agency goals
  • Document and maintain the state's business architecture, identifying overlaps in business capabilities across agencies to help determine how to streamline business processes through common platforms, enterprise applications and services 

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Enterprise IT Portfolio Management

The division manages the state's enterprise portfolio management tool and helps agencies use and submit information to the tool. The division assists the state in using the tool to decide how to best leverage the state’s IT portfolio.

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Process Improvement

The division facilitates process improvement initiatives across the state. It focuses on larger, more strategic initiatives.

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Enterprise Architecture

The division sets statewide architecture standards and reviews IT projects from an architectural perspective. It looks for commonalities and themes that need to be addressed from a strategic perspective.