NC 911 Board

7.5 MillionCalls NC PSAPs Answered In 2016 74.3% were wireless
570,725NC 911 Calls During November 2017 74.9% were wireless
593,900NC 911 Calls During November 2016 73.4% were wireless
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NC 911 Board

The North Carolina 911 Board is responsible for both wireline and wireless 911 communications in the state, as well as related policies and procedures, and it administers the state's 911 Fund.

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Phone Number

Richard Taylor, ENP

Executive Director

(919) 754-6624

Marsha Tapler

Financial Analyst

(919) 754-6344

Danette Jernigan

Financial Review Specialist

(919) 754-6534

Tina Bone

Network Specialist

(919) 754-6111

Pokey Harris

PSAP Liaison (919) 754-6621

Mailing Address

NC 911 Board
Department of Information Technology
PO Box 17209
Raleigh, NC 27619-7209

Fax: (919) 431-6592

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The Board recognized Amanda Honeycutt, Brandon Steele, and Nancy Williams for a job well done.  Here is a picture of them receiving the award.

Pictured left to right:  Nancy Williams, High Point PSAP Manager, Brandon Steele, High Point PSAP Supervisor, David Bone NC 911 Board Vice Chairman, Amanda Honeycutt, High Point PSAP Master Telecommunicator, and Richard Taylor, Executive Director NC 911 Board.