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The Board recognized Veronica Parham and her co-workers from the Henderson-Vance 911 Center, for their handling of a call for service involving a child who was accidentally struck by a vehicle, driven by another family member. Here is a picture of Veronica receiving her award.

Pictured left to right:  Richard Taylor, Executive Director,  Veronica Parham, Telecommunicators, Brian Short, Emergency Operations Director, and David Bone, Vice Chair.


NC 911 Calls at a Glance

7.7 MillionCalls NC PSAPs Answered In 2015 74.3% were wireless
615,129NC 911 Calls During March 2017 70.5% were wireless
625,183NC 911 Calls During March 2016 75.7% were wireless




Phone Number

Richard Taylor, ENP

Executive Director

(919) 754-6624

David Dodd, ENP, RPL

Network Analyst / PSAP Liaison

(919) 754-6625

Marsha Tapler

Financial Analyst

(919) 754-6344

Karen Mason

Financial Review Specialist

(919) 754-6339

Tina Bone

Network Specialist

(919) 754-6111

Dave Corn

Network Specialist

(919) 754-6269

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