911 Board, Committees & Staff

The North Carolina 911 Board is made up of 17 members from the following groups:

Eight local officials

  • League of Municipalities
  • Association of County Commissioners
  • Sheriff and police chief
  • Association of Public Safety Communication Officials
  • National Emergency Number Association
  • North Carolina Firemen's Association
  • North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services

Eight vendors

  • Three representing CMRS providers
  • Four representing Local Exchange Carriers
  • One representing a VoIP provider

Chief Information Officer of the N.C. Department of Information Technology or designee as chair of the board

  • The 911 Board meets upon the call of the chair, and a quorum is met with nine members.

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Name Position
Stephanie Conner Western Regional Coordinator
Kristen Falco Financial Review Specialist
Tina Gardner North Central Regional Coordinator
Pokey Harris Executive Director
Gerry Means Network Engineer
Stanley Meeks NG911 NMAC Manager
David Newberry South Central Regional Coordinator
Marsha Tapler Financial Analyst
Sarah Templeton Financial Review Specialist
Angie Turbeville Eastern Regional Coordinator
Network Monitoring and Assistance Center Administrator Network Monitoring and Assistance Center