911 Board, Committees & Staff

The North Carolina 911 Board is made up of 17 members from the following groups:

Eight local officials

  • League of Municipalities
  • Association of County Commissioners
  • Sheriff and police chief
  • Association of Public Safety Communication Officials
  • National Emergency Number Association
  • North Carolina Firemen's Association
  • North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services

Eight vendors

  • Three representing CMRS providers
  • Four representing Local Exchange Carriers
  • One representing a VoIP provider

Chief Information Officer of the N.C. Department of Information Technology or designee as chair of the board

  • The 911 Board meets upon the call of the chair, and a quorum is met with nine members.

See a List of Board Members



Name Position Phone Number
Stephanie Conner Western Regional Coordinator 919-754-6705
Kristen Falco Financial Review Specialist 919-754-6534
Tina Gardner North Central Regional Coordinator 919-754-6111
Pokey Harris Executive Director 919-754-6621
Gerry Means Network Engineer 919-754-6781
Stanley Meeks NG911 NMAC Manager 919-754-6635
David Newberry South Central Regional Coordinator 919-754-6707
Marsha Tapler Financial Analyst 919-754-6344
Sarah Templeton Financial Review Specialist 919-754-6103
Angie Turbeville Eastern Regional Coordinator 919-754-6162