Digital Accessibility Community of Practice

A Collaborative & Inclusive Forum

The N.C. Digital Accessibility Community of Practice (A11y CoP) is a collaborative and inclusive forum where individuals with a common interest in digital accessibility come together to share insights, expertise and best practices.

Through regular meetings, presentations and online discussions, members contribute to a collective pool of knowledge, ultimately promoting a culture of accessibility that transcends individual expertise and benefits the broader community.

Why Join?

Discover the enriching experience of joining the A11y CoP, fostering both personal and professional growth. 

  • Shared Wisdom: Tap into a wealth of knowledge and insights from colleagues across different teams, all with hands-on experience in digital accessibility.
  • Connections That Count: Build valuable relationships with like-minded colleagues who share your commitment to digital accessibility.
  • Problem-Solving Hub: Navigate challenges collectively in our community, fostering innovative solutions through diverse perspectives.
  • Continuous Growth: Stay on top of the dynamic landscape of digital accessibility. 

Joining the A11y CoP is a dynamic investment that not only enriches individual experiences but also contributes to the collective advancement of digital accessibility at the state of North Carolina.

Who Should Join? 

The A11y CoP welcomes individuals of all experience levels, creating an inclusive space for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Whether you're just starting to explore digital accessibility or seeking advanced insights, our community covers a broad spectrum of topics to cater to diverse learning needs.

Join us in fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of expertise, can contribute and benefit from the rich exchange of knowledge and experiences.

For more information, contact Amy Hepler, lead UX/accessibility developer at NCDIT.

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