IT Volume Purchasing

Desktop and Laptop Computers

The State Chief Information Officer has implemented a volume purchase initiative, as authorized by Senate Bill 991, to achieve cost savings and procurement efficiencies. To help accomplish this goal, a workgroup of CIOs (or their designees) representing various agencies has established standard configurations for desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. The CIO workgroup reviews and updates the standard configurations one month prior to the annual volume purchase based on input from Agency CIOs.

Agencies must submit requisitions for desktop, laptop, and tablet computers through the e-Procurement System to the Statewide IT Bulk Purchaser.

Exception requisitions must be sent to the State IT Bulk Purchaser with justification attached. The State CIO (or designee) will review these requests for approval.

Requisitions must include the quantity and Standard Configuration being requested. The State IT Strategic Sourcing Office will consolidate the requests and issue a competitive solicitation. Award will be made in accordance with “best value” procurement rules, as defined in 09 NCAC 06B.


Requisitions for printers must be submitted via e-Procurement to the Statewide IT Bulk Purchaser. Urgent or Exception requisitions to be processed in advance of the scheduled Printer Bulk Purchase must be sent to the State IT Bulk Purchaser with justification attached. There are no standards for printers at this time. Agencies may establish their own printer standards and place their orders accordingly. Requisition line items should be entered from the e-Procurement catalogs to ensure accuracy and up to date part numbers, descriptions and State Contract pricing.

Contact: Debbie Patterson, Phone: (919) 754-6619, Email:

Standard Configurations, Order Schedule and Procedures

Bulk Purchase Initiative Savings

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