SAS Software License Agreement

SAS Enterprise Software License for the State of North Carolina

SAS and the State of NC entered its partnership to offer an Enterprise Software License to NC government agencies in December 2004. As the State standard for Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics, the SAS Enterprise Agreement currently provides access to the full suite of its products and solutions to NC government agencies. These products and solutions may be licensed on a variety of operating systems and platforms, including servers, mainframes and desktop licensing.

SAS Licensing Information for State Agencies

The SAS Enterprise License Agreement for the State of North Carolina is administered by the NC Department of Information Technology (DIT). Our Office works with State agencies that utilize the Enterprise Agreement on an annual basis to determine what licensing and software maintenance requirements exist and negotiates the Agreement at the aggregate level to obtain the lowest fees for the State. Each agency is then responsible for paying its portion of the fees. Generally these fees are discounted substantially for participating North Carolina government customers.


Additional SAS Resources available to State Agencies through the Enterprise License Agreement

  • SAS Enterprise Professional Training Offer (EPTO): DIT administers a block of pre-paid training units that are available to State agencies for various SAS training options including Public Courses, On-site training and e-Learning on the web. Contact your agency training coordinator for SAS training options.
  • SAS Technical Resources and Customer Support: State agencies have access to a dedicated SAS team to support agency business needs and implementations. SAS Technical Support can be reached 24 hours a day at 919-677-8008 and visited on the web at
  • SAS Professional Services Delivery: State agencies have the ability to engage and procure SAS consulting services through the Professional Services Delivery team. The Enterprise License Agreement provides a Master Services Agreement with reduced rates for the State of NC.
  • Center for Excellence: SAS will offer support to the State as it establishes a User Group for NC agencies by providing a group advisor to help facilitate and make recommendations. The Center of Excellence will provide the State with a collaborative environment for users to meet and exchange ideas, discuss new projects, and share best practices.


Kristen Burnette, Contract and Vendor Manager

SAS Education Training Manager
John Colvard, SAS