Billing FAQs

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NCDIT calculates the subscription based on an agency’s prior service consumption. The agency is charged a portion of the total subscription amount that is appropriate to the services consumed by that agency.  Learn more about how NCDIT calculates subscriptions.

NCDIT establishes service rates using a consumption model based on a customer’s actual use of the service, trends and formal agency commitments to using services. Learn more about how NCDIT calculates service rates. 

NCDIT communicates rates and important information about billing several ways:

  • Messaging (monthly and as needed) to all billing contacts registered with NetPlus. Billing contacts are responsible for communicating information as appropriate for their agency.
  • Monthly meetings (as needed) for state agency chief information officers
  • Monthly meetings (as needed) for state agency chief financial officers
  • Quarterly town halls for local government contacts
  • Via NCDIT’s business relationship managers

Service rates for the current fiscal year, as well as information about how they are calculated is available on the service rates page.

Rates are also linked from specific service pages on NCDIT’s Information Technology Services website. To view rates, click on the Costs option for the applicable service.

Subscription charges are calculated on a yearly basis. Service rates are based on your agency’s use of the service for the prior month. 

For questions about using the NCDIT Customer Care Portal (also referred to as NetPlus), submit a ticket via the NCDIT Service Desk using this link. Submitting your issue this way helps ensure it is tracked and responded to in a timely manner.

If you are unsure who to contact, send a message to the NCDIT business relationship manager assigned to your agency. They can assist you in resolving your concern. View a list of business relationship managers.