About the iCenter

State employees in the iCenter

We're a Working Laboratory
Developing Capabilities
Performing technical evaluations, conference room pilots, prototype testing and proofs-of-concept.

We're Driving Cultural Change
Empowering State Employees
Training and developing capabilities. Thinking outside the cubicle.

We're a Community
Sharing Best Practices to Solve Challenges
Across states, state agencies, educational institutions, private industry and citizens.

We're Innovative
Connecting People and Technology
Transforming the way government delivers products and services.

Our vision is to make interacting with government as simple and cost-effective as checking scores or shopping with a smart phone. At the North Carolina Innovation Center (iCenter), we put this into practice by testing digital and mobile technology in a  “try before you buy” lab that will improve customer service and make government more customer-friendly. To date, we’ve tested more than $6M in technology at no cost to the State. Agencies are making better purchasing decisions because they know the technology they’re buying will meet their needs.

The iCenter was recognized as a 2015 “Bright Idea” by the Ash Center at Harvard University, a program that recognizes creative initiatives that are at the forefront of government innovation.

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