Business Continuity Management Services

Continuity of operations planning ensures North Carolina’s delivery of essential services under any circumstance. Business continuity addresses the continuation of essential business processes and their supporting information technology systems during and after a disruption.

Training for government employees in the area of disaster recovery and business continuity is provided throughout the year.

Service Description

Business Continuity Management Services, part of the Enterprise Security and Risk Management Office, supports the state chief information officer in the performance of duties and responsibilities associated with ensuring the resiliency of continuity of operations and continuity of government as they relate to information technology.

The Business Continuity Management team offers business continuity management advisory services designed to identify and provide guidance on potential events that might have an impact on the delivery of information technology services. It also provides agency leadership with reasonable assurance that continuity of essential business processes is achievable. The team works with state agencies, federal and local governments as well as private businesses and nonprofits, as necessary.

The Business Continuity Management team helps state agencies develop their business continuity and disaster recovery plans, as prescribed by N.C.G.S 143B-1331, Executive Order 298 – Continuity of Operations and other legal and regulatory requirements. The team reviews agency plans annually and evaluates them based on the Statewide Information Security Manual, other legal and regulatory requirements and best practices.

A statewide business continuity management application is provided to executive branch agencies for creating and maintaining their business continuity plans. Free online training is available for business continuity management representatives. Assistance and consultation regarding the use of the statewide BCM application is also provided.

Additional services include policy development, education and training, exercise and testing facilitation, business continuity/disaster recovery plan consultation and special projects.

Hours of Availability

  • Services are available from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays.
  • After-hours availability is provided as needed.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Comply with State Contingency Planning and Risk Management policies and standards.
  • Provide application/business process criteria for assessments.
  • Participate in risk analysis and mitigation planning.
  • Update the IT business continuity and disaster recovery plans as changes occur.
  • Identify agency contact for business continuity management issues.
  • Attend BCM administrator training as well as awareness events annually.
  • Provide agency-specific business continuity training.
  • Submit IT business continuity and disaster recovery plans annually to the state chief information officer.
  • Attend ESRMO BCM-sponsored business continuity/disaster recovery meetings.
  • Notify ESRMO Business Continuity Management team of agency BCM personnel changes.

How Do We Charge?

Currently, the Enterprise Security and Risk Management Office does not charge for this service.

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