Enterprise Approach for IT Business Continuity Management

State agencies benefit from an enhanced, standardized and centrally managed business continuity management application that supports statewide IT infrastructure and services and assists agencies in meeting the requirements of N.C. G.S. 143B-1331, Executive Order 78 and state information and security policies.

Agencies can use the statewide business continuity management application to develop and maintain viable business continuity and disaster recovery plans, including continuity of operations, continuity of government and pandemic plan. The appropriate level of IT business continuity management must be in place to sustain the operation of critical information technology services to support the continuity of vital business functions and the timely delivery of critical automated business services to the state’s residents.

This enterprise approach to business continuity management enhances the state’s resiliency by identifying and prioritizing essential business processes, supporting applications and other dependencies including supporting infrastructure. This approach also assists with identification of common gaps across all agencies’ business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Executive branch agencies are required to submit a business continuity and disaster recovery plan annually to the state chief information officer.

State agencies may subscribe to the centrally managed emergency notification and alert system to integrate with business continuity and disaster recovery planning activities for exercises, activation and notification as the focus.