NC 911 Service Restored After Interruption

Raleigh, N.C.

Service to 911 centers in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast was restored Thursday afternoon, according to telecommunications companies that serve the centers.

Reports of interrupted service throughout the region began Wednesday and had been returned to normal by 1 p.m. Thursday. Assistance at the centers was still available by calling the local centers’ administrative lines.

“Our 911 centers and employees were still operating and serving their communities during this time using established protocol for such instances,” said Pokey Harris, executive director of the NC 911 Board. “We understand how important 911 service is and always aim to make sure there is as little downtime as possible.”

At this time, the cause of the interruption is not known, but an analysis is underway.

Anyone who has difficulty reaching their local 911 center should call the main number for their center to report the problem. The state has 115 911 centers and they are managed and operated by county or municipal authorities.

The N.C. 911 Board is responsible for both wireline and wireless 911 communications in the state, as well as related policies and procedures, and it administers the state’s 911 Fund. The fund is used to support equipment purchases for 911 centers in the state. The board is housed with the N.C. Department of Information Technology.