NCID Resources for State & Local Government Employees



User Types

  • State Government Employee is a person who is currently employed or assigned to work for an agency within North Carolina State government.
  • Local Government Employee is a person who is currently employed or assigned to work for a North Carolina county, municipality or other local government organization – including Community College faculty and staff.

All State and Local Government Employees are required to have an NCID account so they can log in to the service and receive permissions to the appropriate state government resources. Additionally, depending on job responsibility and level of authority, state and/or local government employees might receive additional permissions to hold one of the following positions:

  • Delegated Administrator (DA) can administer user accounts within the same organization, division(s) and/or section(s) for which he or she has administrative rights.
  • Application Administrator is responsible for controlling membership access to the roles (applications) that he/she can manage. In addition, this person can promote and demote a user account to application administrator.
  • DIT Service Desk (Global Service Desk) can unlock accounts for any NCID user. In addition, this person can reset passwords for DIT employees only.
  • Agency Service Desk Administrator can unlock accounts and reset passwords for a state employee who is a member of the same agency. This person cannot reset accounts for delegated administrators.

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Customer Support

Please contact the DIT Service Desk if you experience a problem and require technical assistance.

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