Changes to the IT Procurement and RFP Templates
Updating templates, terms and conditions, and other IT procurement information located on NCDIT's website

The N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Statewide IT Procurement Office is in the process of updating templates, terms and conditions, as well as other information located on the NCDIT website and the Ariba Sourcing Library.

These changes, which will be completed by April 15, are being made to align with current legislation and technology, as well as to make the process of developing, evaluating and awarding solicitations easier for end users and vendors.  

If a state agency is currently in the middle of a procurement in Ariba, continue using the existing version of the template. If a new procurement starts in Ariba after April 30, use the new template and/or terms. Contact your IT contract specialist if you have a unique situation.

Five Changes in the RFP Process and Template

  • New terms and conditions
  • Updated enterprise architecture
  • Updated recycling clause
  • New RFP Lite 
  • Updated terms and conditions to address N.C. Session Law 2023-134


New Terms and Conditions

New terms and conditions apply to RFPs for solutions that are housed on the vendor’s infrastructure.

The N.C. Department of Information Technology’s RFP terms and conditions have only covered IT solutions that were hosted on the state’s infrastructure. It is necessary to protect the state’s IT assets when an IT solution is housed on a vendor’s infrastructure.

To address this growing trend, NCDIT created terms and conditions that need to be applied to RFPs when the specifications dictate that the IT solution be housed on the vendor’s infrastructure. When it is decided to incorporate these terms and conditions, they must be used in their entirety.

Updated Enterprise Architecture Requirements and Specifications

The enterprise architecture requirements and specifications section has been enhanced by NCDIT’s Enterprise Architecture organization to include details for each specification. Details describe how the specifications support the review of an overall architecture for agencies and the state’s managed IT infrastructure and enterprise portfolio.

Updated Recycling Clause

The recycling clause that is included in RFP and IFB/RFQ templates has been updated to include the state’s current recycling and Energy Star requirements, and the newer sustainability initiatives.

New RFP Lite

RFP Lite is a new category of solicitation that offers a simpler and less time-consuming award process than our traditional RFP template. Created for a variety of N.C. procuring entities, RFP Lite can be used for systems, products, professional services and certain software procurements that are not robust enough to require the use of a complex RFP.  

Similar to an IFB, RFP Lite enables state agencies to incorporate evaluation criteria without the IFB’s requirement to choose the lowest priced vendor that meets the specs. It is a great resource for agencies that primarily want to evaluate the offers received from vendors.

Updated Terms and Conditions to Address N.C. Session Law 2023-134

The following sentence will be added to the end of the Access to Persons and Records clause in the NCDIT terms and conditions to conform with N.C. Session Law 2023-134. This applies to all editions of NCDIT’s terms and conditions:

The Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations and the legislative employees whose primary responsibility is to provide professional or administrative services to the Commission may audit the records of the Vendor during and after the term of this Agreement to verify accounts and data affecting fees or performance in accordance with Chapter 21, Article 13.

Available Training for the Upcoming Procurement Changes

The Statewide IT Procurement Office will provide agency-specific training in each agency’s regular monthly meetings. This applies to N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, N.C. Department of Public Instruction, N.C. Department of Public Safety, N.C. Department of Transportation, N.C. Department of Revenue and N.C. Department of Information Technology.  

To request special training, agencies should contact the Procurement Guidance Team at

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