Procurement Guidance Team Helps State Agencies with IT Procurements

The Procurement Guidance Team helps state agencies with questions and challenges associated with conducting IT procurements.

The N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Statewide IT Procurement Office has established the Procurement Guidance Team to help state agencies with questions and challenges associated with conducting IT procurements.

The team helps with questions related to Step 1 of the eProcurement sourcing process, which is to identify and validate the agency's business need by submitting an IT procurement intake form to NCDIT reviewers for approval.

One of the key questions the Procurement Guidance Team staff asks is when the procurement needs to be completed. This information directly influences all following IT procurement activities and timelines within the agency, the Statewide IT Procurement Office and NCDIT reviewers.

The Procurement Guidance Team also works in conjunction with the eProcurement support group to help with questions regarding the NC eProcurement Sourcing Tool or amendments in the NC eProcurement Contracts Tool.

The team also reviews the status of the IT procurement dashboard to make sure procurements are on schedule. This includes:

  • Tracking the opening and closing status of each step in the IT procurement process
  • Taking actions to help the procurements stay on track
  • Recording processes that do not meet timelines

How to Contact the Procurement Guidance Team

You can schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting with the Procurement Guidance Team for questions or issues related to procuring IT goods and services.

  • Availability: Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
    Scheduling an appointment: Visit Procurement Guidance Team Office Hours to select an available day and time.

You can also contact the Procurement Guidance Team about questions related to the IT procurement process by sending an email to

For eProcurement tool-related questions, call 888-211-7440.

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