Topics Related to Cybersecurity Awareness

A vast majority of data breaches are the result of cyberattacks, where a cybercriminal gains unlawful access to sensitive system data.

There are four steps businesses of all shapes and sizes can take to better protect themselves against cyberattacks.

Strengthen your home's cybersecurity by securing your wireless router, installing firewalls and security software and backing up your household data.

It can be easy to feel powerless in the face of threats posed by cybersecurity. However, there are easy measures to take to stay safe online.

We all have a role to play in strengthening cybersecurity. That is why the 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme is "See Yourself in Cyber."

Data Privacy Week is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about privacy and data protection as well as the ways everyday decisions can affect privacy.

When COVID-19 interrupted our ways of life, the internet became even more essential and necessary for daily functions of our lives. Online thieves love it.

Scammers have targeted teleworkers by sending fake termination phishing emails and fake video teleconference meeting invitations.

March Madness is a perfect opportunity for scammers to use phishing schemes to steal personal information from unsuspecting fans.

Catfishing is commonly used in romance scams on dating websites for financial gain or to compromise a victim in some way.