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About the NC 911 Board

On September 25, 1998, the General Assembly of North Carolina approved Senate Bill 1242, establishing the Enhanced 911 Wireless Fund and the North Carolina Wireless 911 Board. This Bill became North Carolina General Statute 62A Article 2. The objective of the act was to provide for an enhanced wireless 911 system for the use of personal cellular communications services and other wireless telephone customers in response to the mandate by the FCC in Docket 94-102. On July 27, 2007, the General Assembly of North Carolina further revised NCGS 62A, creating a 911 Board with responsibility for both wireline and wireless 911 in North Carolina and a single, statewide service charge per connection for any type of voice communication service provider effective January 1, 2008. The service charge was initially set at $0.70 (70 cents), but is currently $0.65 (65 cents).

The proceeds from this service charge are deposited into a fund administered by the North Carolina 911 Board located at the Division of Information Technology Services. The 911 Board must monitor the revenues generated by the service charge. If the 911 Board determines that the rate produces revenue in excess of the amount needed, the 911 Board must reduce the rate. The reduced rate must ensure full cost recovery for voice communications service providers and for primary PSAPs over a reasonable period of time. A change in the amount of the rate becomes effective only on July 1 of any given year. On July 1, 2018, the amount was increased five cents to a new rate of 65 cents.

The 911 Fund is created as an interest-bearing special revenue fund within the State treasury. The 911 Board administers the Fund. The 911 Board may deduct and retain for its administrative expenses up to two percent (2%) of the total service charges remitted to it under G.S. 62A-43 for deposit in the 911 Fund. The remaining revenues remitted to the 911 Board for deposit in the 911 Fund are allocated as follows:

(1) A percentage of the funds remitted by CMRS providers to the 911 Fund are allocated for reimbursements to CMRS providers pursuant to G.S. 62A-45.

(2) A percentage of the funds remitted by CMRS providers and all funds remitted by all other voice communications service providers are allocated for monthly distributions to primary PSAPs pursuant to G.S. 62A-46 and grants to PSAPs pursuant to G.S. 62A-47.

(3) The percentage of the funds remitted by CMRS providers allocated to CMRS providers and PSAPs shall be set by the 911 Board and may be adjusted by the 911 Board as necessary to ensure full cost recovery for CMRS providers and, to the extent there are excess funds, for distributions to primary PSAPs.