Agency & Business Relationship Manager Assignments

The BRM assigned to support each DIT customer can be found in this table. If you are from a board, commission or council that is not listed, please contact the BRM team for support. 

Agency Name Abbreviation BRM
Administrative Office of the Courts AOC Michael Fenton
Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission ABC James Knight
Community College System - Community Colleges CCS Michael Fenton
Department of Administration DOA Michael Fenton
Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services AGR Tammy Evans
Department of Commerce COM Julia Owen
Department of Environmental Quality DEQ Michael Fenton
Department of Health and Human Services DHHS Nick Barnet
Department of Insurance DOI Tammy Evans
Department of Justice DOJ Tammy Evans
Department of Labor DOL Tammy Evans
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs DMVA Michael Fenton
Department of Natural and Cultural Resources DNCR Michael Fenton
Department of Public Instruction DPI Michael Fenton
Department of Public Safety DPS Michael Fenton
Department of Revenue DOR Tammy Evans
Department of Secretary of State DSoS Tammy Evans
Department of State Treasurer DST Julia Owen
Department of Transportation DOT Julia Owen
Division of Employment Security / Commerce DES Julia Owen
Division of Workforce Solutions / Commerce DWS Julia Owen
Educational Institutions EDU Michael Fenton
General Assembly GA Michael Fenton
Industrial Commission IC Tammy Evans
Labor Economic Analysis Division / Commerce LEAD Julia Owen
Local Government LG Tammy Evans
NC Commissioner of Banks NCCOB James Knight
NC Community College System NCCCS Michael Fenton
NC Credit Union Division NCCUD James Knight
NC Housing Finance Agency HFA James Knight
NC Lottery Commission Lottery Julia Owen
NC State Ports Authority NCSPA Julia Owen
NC Utilities Commission UC Michael Fenton
Office of Administrative Hearings OAH James Knight
Office of State Auditor OSA Tammy Evans
Office of State Budget and Management OSBM Michael Fenton
Office of State Human Resources OSHR Michael Fenton
Office of the Governor GOV Michael Fenton
Office of the Lieutenant Governor LtGov Michael Fenton
Office of the State Controller OSC Tammy Evans
State Board of Elections SBoE Julia Owen
UNC System Offices UNC-System Offices Michael Fenton
Wildlife Resources Commission WRC James Knight